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Rules of the Game:

  1. The referee tosses the ball up in the air. Players yell “GA” on the first bounce and “GA” again on the second bounce, and “GA” on the third bounce and the ball is then in play.

  2. Players hit the ball with only their hands. They may not carry or throw the ball - it must be struck with an open hand or fist.

  3. Any player who is touched by the ball either directly or by a rebound off the wall is “out” and must step out of the pit.

  4. If the ball contacts a player or a players' clothing below the knee, that player is out. If the ball contacts the player above the knee, the player is safe.

  5. If the ball goes out of the GAGA pit, the last player who touched the ball is out.

  6. If a player catches the ball before it bounces, the last player who touched the ball is out.

  7. Once a player hits the ball, he or she must wait until the ball touches someone else before hitting it again (no double touches). Exception: If there are only two players remaining, the ball can be hit up to 3 times in a row. 

Some GAGA games are designed to be team efforts, although the sport is traditionally a one-against-all competitive sport. Teaming, or intentional passing of the ball to other players, is allowed only at the discretion of the referee and must be specified in advance of play. 


Talon Athletics was established in 2013 by Scott Blumberg and Will Perez, two educators out of New York City.  While working at a local day camp, the idea of protecting players' hands for the game of Gaga hit them. They couldn't help but notice that players were constantly getting hand injuries or "Gaga knuckles" despite using thin batting gloves and other fingerless gloves in the pit. They decided that a protective, sport-specific glove would be the solution. Falcon Series Gaga Gloves protect fingers and knuckles from scrapes and contact injuries, keep hands cool with the unique perforated leather design, and look and feel great.

Talon Athletics has evolved to provide local Gaga Pit rentals for any event including Gaga parties (e.g. birthday, Bat/Bar Mitzvahs, block parties, etc), special events (e.g. corporate events, fundraisers, school field days, after school programs, etc.), or any other function.